6 things to improve your life | Who Will Cry When you Die Book Review | ජීවිතේ ගොඩදාගන්න නම්, ඔයා ඇතිකරගන්න ඕන පුරුදු 06ක්

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0:00 – Introduction
1:45 – Keep a Journal
3:45 – Learn to Say no Gracefully
5:58 – Develop an Honesty Philosophy
7:58 – Don’t Pick Up the Phone Every Time it Rings
9:28 – Bless Your Money
10:30 – Become an Imposter

“Who Will Cry When You Die?” is a motivational guide by Robin Sharma, urging readers to live with purpose, intention, and compassion. It provides practical strategies for nurturing relationships, overcoming fear, embracing change, and finding balance. The book encourages positive habits, discovering one’s true calling, and making a difference in the world. Ultimately, it offers insights and inspiration to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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