I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Slewfoot, with only a few things to take me out of 1666 Connecticut.

00:00 – Today we will get into Slewfoot by Brom https://amzn.to/3zA6z2A
01:01 – A tale of bewitchery
01:50 – The setting and people
03:02 – The VVitch meets A Midsummer’s Night Dream
04:23 – Abitha and her husband
06:30 – A peek inside the book
09:00 – It’s good to own land…
10:11 – Skipping church? That’s a paddlin’
11:22 – It may even be more horror than fantasy
12:12 – Have you read Slewfoot?

Slewfoot by Gerald Brom was a gift to me, and an anticipated read all in one. Abitha, the lead character, as a near-shunned Puritan woman and the cover art had me deeply intrigued. What I did not expect was the level of whimsy and fantasy found here, and while normally it’s not my cup of tea, this fit so nicely into my vision of a magical occurrence at this time, that I would certainly read more like this.

I’m new to Brom, save casual noticing of his art, so his style may not come as a surprise to fans. Meeting Abitha and the bible quoting townsfolk was as intriguing to me as the creatures that step from the forest to turn her life upside down. Newly widowed, fighting a land claim, and practising healing arts made Abitha’s life in 1966 Connecticut feel very real to me. Then, there is Slewfoot. The imagery linked to the myth is lovely and enchanting as all the rest.

A cross between Robert Eggers’ film ‘The Witch’ and A Midsummers Night Dream.


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