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This week I’ve re-read have actually business classic. Richard Koch’s ‘The 80/20 Principle’.

It’s incredible to think this book was very first published in 1997. When very first uncovered over 120 years earlier, the principles however are ageless & just as relevant today as.

For those that don’t know. Some man (Vilfredo Pareto) in the 19th century was checking into patterns of wealth & earnings. He discovered 20% of the population taken pleasure in 80% of the riches.

Pareto after that excitedly uncovered this pattern was repeated consistently in various amount of time & in different nations. With mathematical accuracy. Unfortunately though Pareto discovered it challenging to clarify.

The concept lay dormant for decades. Up until United States designer Joseph Moses Juran began to make use of the 80/20 concept to boost the reliability & worth of commercial & customer items.

Juran had to do this in Japan. As no-one in the west was the least bit interested in his concepts. Up until the United States saw his work had actually made Japanese products an actual risk to US industry.

Today the ‘Pareto Principle’ or the 80/20 rule has been taken on by several people & organisations as a practical company device. And also is seen throughout all elements of life.

The principle states there is a built-in discrepancy in between outcomes & reasons. In its fundamental form 20% of doing some task leads to 80% of the results you get.

So theoretically. You should identify the 20% of activities that bring about 80% of outcomes & do even more of them. Then quit doing the 80% of tasks that only produce 20% of the outcomes.

Some examples of the concept are: 80% of your sales originate from 20% of your items or 20% of your clients supply 80% of your revenues. Take place action them & see for on your own.

It’s very thought prompting & need to be re-read annually. As you’ll discover something brand-new each time.

‘ The 80/20 Principle’ defo gets a thumbs up & a 5-star ranking.

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Thank you for enjoying & see you next week.

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